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29th April– 1st June 2024:
Prof. Wicker and Dr. Lara Lesch held a workshop on “Gender Differences in Conference Behavior” at the NASSM Conference. Further, Dr. Lara Lesch presented on “Contents and Components of Gender DEI Policies in Sport Governing Bodies”. At the conference Prof. Wicker was honored with the Distinguished Research Award of the North American Society for Sport Management.

3rd April 2024:
“Women and Men Professors as Role Models and Their Effect on Academics’ Career Decisions” was published online in the Sport Management Educational Journal.

20th November 2023:
“The perceived role fit of women and men academics: Evidence from the social sports sciences” was published online in Frontiers of Psychology.
17th November 2023:
Dr. Katrin Scharfenkamp presented on “Citations of sport economics publications” at the 146th Reading Online Sport Economics Seminar.
13th November 2023:
Prof. Wicker presented findings of the project at the meeting of the central gender equality committee of Bielefeld University.
7th November 2023:
As part of the IFiF-Impulse lecture series, Dr. Katrin Scharfenkamp presented findings of the project. A german version of the presentation is uploaded on YouTube.
28th– 29th September 2023:
At the network meeting of the IFiF projects, Dr. Katrin Scharfenkamp (Bielefeld, WISEMS project) and Maike Braun (University of Hohenheim, Diversity X-project) 
moderated a workshop on the “Visibility and perception of women academics at international conferences”.
23rd– 25th August 2023:
Lara Lesch presented on
„The Perceived Role Fit of Women and Men Academics: Gender Stereotypes in Sport Economics?“ and Prof.
Dr. Pamela Wicker held a workshop on “Citations of Sports Economics Publications” at the ESEA Conference in Cork (Ireland).

23rd– 24th June 2023:
Dr. Katrin Scharfenkamp held a workshop
on the “Perception of (women) sports leaders in the media” at the Annual Meeting of the German Association of Sports Economics in Innsbruck (Austria).

21st May – 3rd June 2023:
Lara Lesch presented on „Women and Men Professors as Role Models in Sport Management“ and Prof. Dr. Pamela Wicker held a workshop on “Citations of Papers in the Leading Sport Management Journals” at the NASSM Conference in Montreal (Canada).