Module 4: Implementation at congresses and creation of a website

Workshops (incl. symposia, round-table formats) on “Women in Sport Economics, Management, and Sociology” will be organized at three (inter)national conferences in 2023 and 2024 for interested (young) academics. These workshops will inform about the findings from Module 1 (perception of female professors in the context of university teaching and supervision), Module 2 (visibility and perception of female professors at academic conferences), and Module 3 (gender differences in publications and citations).

The workshops in 2023 will develop concrete strategies and practical measures that contribute to an increased visibility and perception of female professors. The workshops in 2023 will be evaluated by distributing evaluation forms among the participants on site and analyzing them empirically afterwards. The results will be incorporated into the workshops in 2024 together with the results from Module 3. Thus, in addition to the study findings from Modules 1 and 2, the workshops in 2024 will include the evaluation findings and results of the measures developed. They will also be evaluated and critically reflected upon.
In addition, this website has been created to make women in sport economics, management, and sociology more visible. It serves as a platform for networking and for promotion of women’s research. It is provided for female scientists with ambitions in German-speaking countries and international women scholars. 

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